“Recording and music making is always a huge endeavour no matter whether you’re recording your first album or mixing a single. Niko Schauble, of Pughouse Studios, makes your product not only sound extraordinary but easily creates an encouraging and positive environment in which to make music. As well as being a superb sound engineer, Niko is a renowned musician and legendary top bloke, so clearly, you get the full package! Speaking of which, for what you receive during your time at the studio, the prices at Pughouse are equal to none! Ultimately, there is no doubt in my mind that Pughouse Studios are the very last word in recording and music production in Melbourne, if not Australia!” James Mustafa

“Working with Niko at Pughouse is always a great experience! Niko is the perfect combination professional, efficient, knowledgeable, generous, kind and heaps of fun, fostering a wonderful environment in which to produce work of the highest quality.” Louisa Rankin

“My new go to in Melbourne for overdubs and small ensemble recording. Huge selection of drums and cymbals. Niko is everything you could want in an engineer and more. Super pro, great hang, highly recommend.” Sam Hirschfelder

Recording at Pughouse Studios Tim Stevens

“A huge day with Niko recording 14 tracks and he was fantastic. His feedback was constructive and encouraging and his expertise and patience was very much appreciated. Niko is friendly and professional and he will not let anything go unless he is absolutely happy with the result. This is the place Kind of Blue Jazz Duo will return to for our future recording needs.” Danielle Formica

“Schauble is Top Shelf. Pughouse is too. Good mics + GREAT placement = Killer sound. Highly recommended.” Julien Wilson

“Niko made the recording process easy for this fist timer. He had the perfect space, great equipment, good plans, great ears, super ideas, loads of patience, stellar communication skills…. he had it all. Thanks Niko you are THE VIBE CATCHER!” Melinda Traves

“We had a really positive experience working with Niko – he is professional, friendly, helpful and extremely skilled. He made us comfortable and was sympathetic to what we wanted to get from the recording, and we are so happy with the result! The studio is beautiful – and the architect-designed German piano is an amazing touch” Georgina Lewis

“I recently completed an octet project with Niko at Pughouse studios. He is highly intelligent and skilled at what he does, with years of industry experience. He is very organised and efficient. Niko is very easy to get along with and really helpful and encouraging. I highly recommend Pughouse to anyone wanting to record and for debut projects like my own.”
Jennifer Ann Salisbury

“Fantastic recording space – really homey, yet high standard professional atmosphere. Niko is an absolute legend” Caitlin Ashleigh Thomas

“Great place to record, always love the sound of the recordings.” Nick Haywood

“I had a ball at Pughouse. Niko’s expertise and respect ensured that every step went smoothly, even with so much invested in the music.” Joseph Batrouney

“Pughouse studios is brilliant. Niko gets great sounds, and is a terrific and patient engineer. What a terrific and rewarding experience, will definitely be back later in the year.” James Osborne

“Had an absolutely brilliant and productive day working with Niko on a variety of tracks with different settings, which he was able to accommodate for with ease! Very professional, productive, caring and genuinely welcoming for some musicians who were experiencing their first professional studio session. A great combination of business and fun – we were able to achieve everything that was planned with a good bit of fun and banter along the way! Cannot wait to head back in next week for some mixing! Highly recommended!” Grant Hardisty

“Niko was so wonderful to work with. Not only a brilliant engineer with top class gear, but also an incredible musician whose ear for precision & great ideas helped make this a memorable experience (plus he’s just a beautiful, patient fella!) Highly recommend!” Tamara Kuldin

“Brilliant space and a great engineer. Highly recommended!” Kimba Griffith

“The Vintage City Band had a wonderful time recording songs for our new website. Fantastic equipment and relaxed atmosphere. Niko was an absolute delight to work with! A very talented professional who understood just what we were after.” Alexandra Cheatley

“Highly Recommended! Thank you Niko! I look forward to returning one day soon…!” Emma Gilmartin

“The experience of recording/mixing/producing a CD with Niko at Pughouse is one if the best experiences I have ever had making a CD. NIko is not only a masterful recording engineer but also an incredible musician who understands how to get good sounds.And he knows how to make sessions fun. Highly recommended.” Gianni Marinucci

“I had such a beautiful time at Pughouse with Niko. The studio is a lovely space, the sound we got was incredible and Niko is a legend! He really got on board with our project and invested himself in the creative process, making the whole experience extremely enjoyable and rewarding! Everyone should record at Pughouse :)” Rachael Comte

“Panorama Brasil spent a few days recording and mixing our second album at Pughouse Studios in March, and we had an excellent time. Niko creates the right atmosphere for the band, and he captures the sound beautifully. His skills and experience as an engineer, mixer, and musician are first class, and he knows when to make a suggestion, and how to make it!” Al Kerr

“Thanks for a great recording experience and a super fun time :)) It was fantastic!” Asha Henfry

‘What an amazing room to record in… The energy is creative and warm.. I look forward to many sessions in this space … X’
Carmen Hendricks

‘Had an amazing time working with Niko. Couldn’t have asked for a more comfortable environment to record in. Thanks heaps mate!!’ Sean Newell

‘Had a wonderful time at Pughouse recording a new studio album for “Standing Tall”. Got seven tracks down over two sessions with no fuss. Niko’s experience and knowledge was invaluable for a successful outcome and the recording sounds great.’ Stan van Hooft

‘Niko’s wealth of knowledge and experience in both the recording and performance of music made the experience of recording our debut album better than we could have imagined. An extremely patient, friendly and supportive person to work with the skills of a true professional. 10/10, cheers Niko! (From all of Lady Oscar!)’ Callum R Harber

‘Absolutely fantastic work Niko. Your expertise and your human-ness made it such a joy to record at Pughouse’ Rob Vincs

‘Had a ball recording at Pughouse recently. Lovely rooms, excellent gear, beautiful mics, but best of all, the vibe is just right. Lighting options were great. Thanks to Niko for engineering the session. Highly recommended’ Gideon Brazil

‘Great experience for The Ivy Stone Assembly. Niko was professional and caring of all aspects of the sound quality right up to the end product. We were all made to feel right at home and our drummer was spoilt rotten by Niko’s technical advice and equipment. Initially recording for demos we came away with a proper CD recording that we can sell at gigs. Thanks Niko!’ Stephen John Hyde

‘Pughouse is superb, Niko has really thought about it and has built and operates a brilliant studio, highly recommended.’ Phil Noy

‘Pughouse is fabulous! Thanks to Niko for his patience, professionalism and good humour. The set-up was great and Niko’s experience made everything run smoothly. Having been in the industry so long and a musician himself – you know you are in good hands. Niko helps you relax and get the best out of you for your recording. Highly recommended!’ Rachel Ross

‘Had an absolutely lovely time recording at Pughouse. Niko’s passion for music and knowledge as a recording engineer made the recording experience so easy! Not only is Niko an all round nice guy, but he also makes you sound amazing! Can’t wait to get back.’ Sam McAuliffe

‘To sax players: if you want a real ‘vintage’ sound, Niko knows what to do and has a ‘special’ mic for that…
Easy going vibe and real pro at the same time: I felt ‘at home’ recording at Pughouse studio.’ Christophe Genoux

‘Many thanks Niko for making our recent sessions such a joy – great sound & production, a supportive & collaborative approach & a great outcome! We’ll be back!’ Rob Davies, Leesa Farrugia & Matt Arnold

‘Just wanted to thank you so much for your masterful recording ability ! On hearing the unmastered CD I was totally knocked out at the sound you achieved. Dixie [Ian Dixon] tells me the mastered version is even better ! Once again, congratulations old mate ….Very best regards.’ Ted Vining

‘Best studio experience I’ve ever had.’ Peter Harper

‘I was knocked out with the great bass sound you got!’ Geoff Kluke

‘Thanks so much for yesterday, [it] was a fantastic environment to be in and the way you ran the session was effortless and fluid. We all had a great time. Thanks as well for the excellent sound quality that you achieved, much appreciated!’ Ashley Cross

‘When you watch a really great film, you don’t notice the score. But if the score sucked, you certainly would.
Working with Niko at Pughouse, you forget how much focus and know how he has because, as he’s delivering an amazing sound with extreme attention to detail and fluidity, he’s just smiling or creating some heart warming vibe in the air. Pughouse boasts excellent outboard gear, and… an actual musician engineer – Top Shelf’ Barney McAll

‘What an absolute pleasure it was to record my debut album, Quintessence, at Pughouse. Niko made sure I got what I wanted. He was patient, generous with his time and offered excellent advice along the way. To have a musician of his calibre and with his experience overseeing everything was priceless!’ Kellie Santin

‘…a big thank you for yesterday – you have a beautiful studio and made me feel really comfortable for my first recording as a leader.  Definitely recommend recording your studio to others!’ David Gooey

‘I had an awesome time recording at Pughouse Studios. Niko was seamless as engineer, and his ear for detail, enthusiasm for the music and sense of humour made the process so easy. The studio’s intimate size really helped the musical interaction and flow, the piano was beautiful, and the guys had a great time choosing from the vast supply of drum gear and microphones. Thanks Niko!’ Steve Barry

‘Niko Schauble could only be described as ‘the musician’s recording engineer.’ With a comprehensive knowledge of all things music, and an undeniable creative flair, watching this man get around his equipment is like watching a space voyage from the NASA control room.
I produced my first album with Niko and, like all independent record producers, I was on a tight budget. Three words come to mind when describing Niko’s operation: economical, efficient and professional. Rest assured, not a cent of your money is wasted at Pughouse, and you will quickly learn that Niko genuinely cares as much about your project as you do.
Call Niko your engineer, and you will soon be calling him Niko your friend.’ Max Rudd

‘Thanks a lot mate…you helped make the sessions so easy!’ Jamie Oehlers

‘Recording with Niko at Pughouse was a wonderful experience. After using many different studios over the years, I was not expecting what I found at Pughouse; such a relaxed atmosphere, attention to detail, skill and care that left me knowing where I will record next time… PugHouse!’ Cole Lynch

‘ Great studio! Highly recommended’ Alex Boneham

‘Thanks again for making it such a easy and relaxed experience – really loved it and look forward to doing some more there. You pulled such an incredible sound!!’ Jordan Murray

‘Everything sounds awesome….great vocal sound!’ Des White, NY

‘Really enjoyed our session with you. Great to work with such a competent studio whizz!’ –
‘Spent the day with Niko recording Elle T and the doctors… Fantastic space … Great sound thanks Niko’
Peter Ryan & Loreen Thompson

‘If anybody is looking to record in the near future, I’d HIGHLY recommend sending Niko Schauble a message. Niko runs a beautiful, well appointed studio with incredibly reasonable rates and really positive, inspiring vibes. The same could be said for the man himself, couldn’t have asked for a better engineer. Thanks Niko!’  Jake Winter

‘Some tracks were recorded for my new CD with the wonderful sound engineer, drummer Niko Schauble, at Pughouse Studios. I recorded there in January with Doug de Vries, Jojo Smith and Carl Cleves. Niko also played snare on the track ” The Full Force of the Wind”. Lovely man, great studio, excellent microphones. We had an amazing day!’  Parissa Bouas

‘It was a great two days and I feel my studio confidence has certainly improved throughout the session. Really worthwhile experience and always great to be recorded by someone who understands the music!’  Dan Sheehan

“There are endless threads on [the topic of “analog vs. digital summing”] and suffice it to say, I’ve concluded that it’s not so much a question of accuracy but rather one of taste. And I must say that it’s sounding pretty goddamn tasty here at Pughouse Studios, Melbourne! 

”I’m pretty intimate with my outboard gear and my setup allows me to utilize them efficiently to color a track in accordance to what it might need.” Indeed so. The artistry of Niko Schauble of Pughouse and his collection of vintage outboard EQs, compressors and preamps was exactly what I needed. I figured since I had already put in this much work, Niko’s warm boxes would be icing.

The exported tracks from Singapore were imported into a ProTools station. Some of the reverbs were replaced with Sony Oxfords and Lexicon Native. Niko’s suggestion of using Sound Toy’s Echoboy turned out to be what some of my vocals needed for that slight touch of glimmer in the mix. The signal path went from the playback machine (ProTools) through an Apogee Symphony, into a Neumann Vintagemaker Summing Mixer and then out to a second system via an Apogee Duet (which essentially has the same converters as the Symphony) and was recaptured at 24 bit 96 kHz. On the heavier tracks, we also ran through a pair of Neve 51 channel strips post summing mixer and the cleaner tracks were run through the Earthworks 1024. […] I was pretty ecstatic about how the mixes turned out, punchy on the tracks that needed to be and shimmery on the cleaner acoustic ones. I have always been reticent to use descriptions like “wide” and “deep” but what can I say? The Vintagemaker made my mixes sound “wider” and “deeper” and dare I say, there was a certain “sweetness” that in-the-box mixing does not give you. So the colors available though analog summing did shine through in the end (although mine was more of a hybrid mixing process) and if you’ve spent substantial time and effort tweaking your mixes as I have, it might behoove you to visit a studio like Pughouse for what I’d like to call “post-processing” before your down mix.  Ras Xix 

“Niko looked at the musical production in a collaborative and creative manner and endeavoured to do his best to produce a good quality product within the time and financial constraints we had to work. It was an excellent experience. Thanks Niko!” Lionel Bopage

“Pughouse Studios is a great hi end studio that suited all of our recording needs perfectly! A great selection of outboard gear and a fantastic mic kit! (I’m quite jealous really). With all the equipment meticulously cared for by Niko and Tillman, you are guaranteed perfect sound when recording at Pughouse. With use of a varied selection of drums, percussion and a vintage piano included in the deal we couldn’t of been more pleased. Also note! Engineer/producer Niko Schauble doubles as a pretty good drum tech too! (and by ‘pretty good’ we mean excellent!) Pughouse is highly recommended by us!” Tomas Strode & The Tour Guides

”Great location, great room for music, great set up, great gear & great sound – Niko is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” Michael Stal

“Couldn’t have asked for anymore from Pughouse, absolutely nailed the sound we wanted. Bright and roomy sounds to fuzzed up gritty overdrive, Niko was a magician!” Summer Blood

“I think it’s a rare combination to have someone with your ears, musical sensibilities and abilities running a recording studio conducive to THAT type of music making, knowing how to record and manage an event like that, AND being so warm and friendly……what more could you ask?” Ren Walters

“It was an amazing experience recording my album at Pughouse. Niko is a total professional, a consumate musician and goes completely above and beyond to make sure everything sounds great and is of the highest possible quality. Easy to access, free parking and exceptional facilities. Highly recommended and I’ll definitely be back!” Anna Gilkison

“Just got the definitive mix from Magnet recording in my dropbox!!!!! Very happy with it!!! Niko Schauble genius!!!!!” Sergio Beresovsky

“Thanks for a fun and very productive 3 days.” Philip Rex

“Really lovely sounding rooms, great outboard and mics not to mention the extensive drum selection! I’ll definitely be back.” Myles Mumford

“What a great vibe, sound and sound expertise. An incredibly pleasant and fascinating 3 days.” Stewart D’Arrietta

“Thanks for having me in your studio!! Mighty to be the first drummist in the joint!!” Hamish Stuart

“Thanks for the relaxed atmosphere + great working vibe.” Ross Hannaford