Please park in unmarked parking bays or on Matisi St (2 cars fit in front of our roller door)


Train (Hurstbridge Line) to Fairfield Station
Bus 567 to Rossmoyne Village
PTV Flinders St_Matisi St

Turn Right into Mansfield St and walk to the corner of Matisi St
Rossmoyne to Matisi

We will keep your files plus a back up during production.
Please bring in a hard drive or USB stick for file transfer.
Depending on the project your files may be up to 10 Gb or more, so please ensure there is enough space on your drive.
The drive should be formatted to a MAC compatible format. Windows formats (FAT32, exFAT) should work, too.
Please make sure that the read/write permission allow access for non administrators.

You may not want all files, which is fine. We will keep a copy on a hard drive after the finished production, but can not give a guarantee that these files will be accessible forever (if the drive should fail, they’re gone).

If you are mastering your project at Pughouse, we will create
– an Audio Master CD
– an Audio CD listening copy
– A DDP* Image file
*DDP stands for Disc Description Protocol. This is a data file of the entire CD and is commonly used when larger quantities of CD’s will be produced (replicated).
A DDP file is an error free copy of the CD Master and can be sent via FTP server or delivered on a USB stick, hard drive or DVD Rom.
Smaller runs of CD manufacturing (generally less than 500 units) are commonly done by copying (duplicating) a Master CD.
As CD’s contain errors, which are compensated for by software in the player, this is a less favourable method.

Have a chat to the CD production facility of your choice. Most of our clients have had their CDs manufactured by either  http://implant.com.au or http://www.replicat.com.au

You should consider obtaining ISRC codes for your project.
This does not cost any money and is highly advised.
More info can be found here: http://www.aria.com.au/pages/isrc.htm

We’d appreciate if you could credit the studio on the CD cover (and where else seems appropriate).
It’d be fantastic if there would be a space for our logo, too.
pughouse - John Ryrie small
other resolutions available

Feel free to take photographs and videos.
We usually take snaps during sessions and post some on our website and Facebook page. Please let us know if you have any objections.
Several photographers and videographers have worked in our studio. Check out our Video page to see their work and find contact information.

We trust you will have a great experience at Pughouse.
If you feel like it, we’d love to get a testimonial or review from you, which we could post on our Testimonials page.
You can also leave a Review on Facebook or on Google Review